Quality Education​

​Suhum Municipal Assembly is committed to ensuring that all Ghanaians and residentshave quality access to Education. are prepared to succeed in the world of work. We are working on educational systems that focuses on promoting problem solving and creativity and nation building skills through academic programs.

Excellent Health care​

We work in partnership with all relevant agencies and stakeholders to constantly improve the conditions of our health facilities and the quality of service. We aim at quality health care for all and we work to reach this level through the development and implementation of proactive policies that will ensure improved health and vitality.

Strong Communication

The world has evolved fast through technology and the access to the new world is simply communication and internet connection. The municipal has made sure to have a stable internet and communication connections to help you connect to the new world out here. As part of our vision, we are working to make communication more economic.

Road Network

The economy is the first thing on your mind we know this fact, which is why SUMA works hard to make our road networks work as much as possible by constructing new high ways and also make sure to keep our road maintenance up to date to make movement of goods and people as comfortable as they need.​

Stable Electricity​

To be financially sustainable and people-focused Municipality, we try to provide you with stable electricity by working with appropriate agencies to extend electricity to every area in the municipality and to also facilitate the development of a reliable and cost-effective world-class power infrastructure and services, driven by appropriate technological innovations.

Portable Drinking​ Water

Water is simple life and there are no known replacement for it anywhere in the world. As an economic power municipality we work to keep your taps flowing quality as possible. We have expanded to accessibility of portable pipe water to more than 70% and still working to cover the totality of the municipality as we plan to grow and expand.​

Top Security​

The police service and all related security agencies in the municipality are working to keep and protect lives and property. Our work as an ASSEMBLY regarding security matters is up to the professionalism you would expert from the able men and women in the rest of the country. It gives us such pride to assure all residents and investors safety in study progress in whatever legal venture to engage.​

Safe Banking Systems​

The financial services in the municipality are safely and strictly regulated and monitored to make it safe for people in the Municipality to enable safe financial eco-system to protect your.​

Equipped Fire Department

Suhum Municipal Assembly is one of the places that has the finest fire departments in the country and our firemen are always on guard to respond to all kinds of fire emergencies as they are always on stand by to keep your homes and property safe.​



Youth Empowerment​

We are all about the development of our human resources in the Municipality. We make practical investments into our youth to help shape the future of our municipality and the country as a whole. ​

Farmer Support​

Farmers have special place in the heart of the municipality as we depend on our able farmers for food and financial freedom. We believe in sustainable planting for food and jobs to grow our economy.​

Ambulance Service​

As part of our agender to constantly upgrade our health services, we run efficient ambulance service in this municipality to take care of all medical and accident emergencies. ​

Safe Market Conditions​

Making market conditions favorable for traders and businesses is part of our plan as the economy can’t survive without trade. We make sure to serve our market women to create safe environment for them to find financial freedom. ​

Proficient Municipal Building Engineers ​

Our Municipal engineers are always on top of maintaining all municipal infrastructures to make sure you are safe both on our roads and all private and public buildings.

Social Intervention Programs ​

We offer so much help and support to make life comfortable for the young ones with talent but in need of capital injection. We think about you and we work hard to bring relief to people. ​