Good Place. Good people.

SUMA is the Best Place to Invest In Because we Serve You Better

Suhum Municipal Assembly Is One Of The Fastest Growing Local Economies In Ghana Right Now.




There are so many reasons to choose SUMA to Invest. However, one stands tall, and that is we serve you the way you deserve with care.

We are committed to serve your interest and protect your investment. You are not a stranger to us and we want to help you grow. Simply get in touch and let us help you now.

Discover the Good and Peaceful Atmosphere of SUMA.

Suhum Municipal Assembly is like no other assembly you know because of our uniqueness in human resources to serve you in the best way you deserve. Everything that happens here is to take you to your next level economically, we provide you with every social amenity because we understand our job and we know just what to do to make your life easier and enable you to do your business more efficiently.

Discover Great Culture Here

SUMA has a lot of culture to discover. Our tradition is a mix of styles and colors. You need to see it first hand to fall in love with Suhum.

Vibrant Business Life

At SUMA we work very hard to make everyone entering the Municipality for business to feel at home and Live or Work.

Agriculture is Our Heart

Take refuge in our exclusive haven of greenery and away from the crowds. Agriculture is the life we Live. We support your ideas and help you grow.